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Bonbonnière for weddings, christenings, confirmations, communions, anniversaries and other ceremonies. Bonsai, prebonsai, succulent plants, assistance for care and preservation of the plants.
An original idea for your Bonbonnière!
In a feverish world, where time is calculated in seconds with less and less occasion to be in contact with nature, we propose something that help us to get closer to its rhythms and to its beauty. Growing a Bonsai is not only taking care of a plant, but it has a deeper sense: rediscover our own equilibrium and our harmony with nature.
Vogliadibonsai disposes of a wide selection of collection Bonsai, unique in their owns. Furthermore the assistance we offer our customers gives a continuous help for preservation and care of the plant, also after the purchase
Bonsai and Bonbonnière
Bonsai Bonbonnière for weddings, christenings, confirmations, communions, anniversaries will make unique and more touching those events, for you and for your guests.
Tree is since ever the symbol of life and for persons who have shared with you those happy moments, taking care of these small plants every days with love, it will means to keep alive the memory of that day. Click here for all details.
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Significato della parola Bonsai
The word Bonsai comes from the translation of the ideogram Bon (case) Sai (plant). Bonsai is the final result of 4 components: technique, botany, art and philosophy.

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